In addition to being one of the most developed city municipalities in the region, Novi Beograd is the municipality with the biggest number green areas in Belgrade. The excellent infrastructure, landscape and organization of the settlement means that almost all facilities are within reach. Wide boulevards and accessible roads provide good connections with other parts of the city, and the proximity of the highway is suitable for those who often travel outside of Belgrade due to business obligations. These facts have been attracting an increasing number of families with children for years, as well as employers who want to provide their employees with office space in the most developed and business-friendly part of the city. One of the numerous advantages of the new Pupin’s Palace in Novi Beograd is that it will be located right in the center of this city municipality.

If you like living in an attractive and urban part of the capital, but still don’t want to give up the beauty of enjoying your free time outdoors, Novi Beograd is the right place for you. Almost every Novi Beograd block has its own park, and the Novi Beograd quays are the best location for long walks. On the territory of this city municipality there is a double-digit number of state kindergartens and elementary schools, as well as two high schools, several vocational high schools and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, which is especially important for families.

Thanks to all the listed advantages, new construction in Novi Beograd has been in great expansion for the last decade, and the number of inhabitants is constantly increasing.

  • Airport City 50m
  • Restoran Bela reka 50m
  • Delta City 1500m
  • Market 10m
  • Aerodrom 10km
  • Sportski centar 500m