Pupin’s Palace is a modern residential and business complex, located in the very center of Novi Sad. With its appearance and functionality, this building ennobles the city center and ranks it among the most beautiful and imposing world metropolises.

Apart from its exceptional appearance, Pupin’s Palace can boast of the fact that from the very moment of its construction, it became the most desirable residential and business complex in the city and that from the very beginning the space there was rather sought after. Arranged in three slats, it offers ideal living conditions, provides the necessary comfort and safety. The proximity of all important facilities, cultural, social and health institutions makes this facility a perfect place for the life of a modern man. Everyday stress regarding parking is avoided by an underground garage on as many as three levels, which makes the building in the strict center of the city even more desirable.

The business part of the facility is arranged according to the highest international standards, in the service of employee satisfaction and motivation. The extraordinary conditions for the working environment were also recognized by the multinational German company Continental, which occupies the largest percentage of office space in this building. The luxury city hotel Pupin with the famous Novi Sad restaurants Kalem and ZAK is also located in the Pupin’s Palace.